Mesa Springs Healthcare Center in Abilene

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Phone: +1 325-692-8080
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8AM–5PM
  • Friday:8AM–5PM
  • Saturday:8AM–5PM
  • Sunday:8AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 4.5

38 Reviews for Mesa Springs Healthcare Center 2023:

Review №1


I have worked at Mesa for over a year and a half now and I absolutely love this facility! It’s amazing to watch our staff come together as a team to give our residents, not only the best care, but also the best love! Since covid started, visitation has, understandably, decreased. With that being said, we at Mesa understand that for some residents, that means we are all they have available to them. I like to speak for all when I say that, we take that seriously here at Mesa and think of and love each resident like family!

Review №2


First be advised that Mesa Springs is owned by Ensign Group, a large corporation based out of California. As with any large corporation, cutting costs and increasing profits are their biggest concerns. Attitude resembles leadership. The staff at Mesa Springs that actually look after your loved one - nurses, food service and custodial, barely met a minimum of care and many times not even that. I wouldnt recommend Mesa Springs, or any other place owned by Ensign Group.

Review №3


My mom has been at Mesa since we moved her from a horrible situation during COVID outbreak. She loves it here!Please note!!! The facility is in the middle of a major renovation, looking awesome. Not that it was bad looking, just needs some TLC from bangs and dings from wheelchairs, racks and trays. Mom did have a tray were the rubber was missing and it gave her a skin tear, but as soon as staff knew about it, the replaced it.Staff are great about letting me know if anything occurs with mom day or night.Staff do activities daily that she enjoys. I never knew my mom has a green thumb (her flowers keep growing) or even liked arts & crafts. She has her football buddies who visit with her!The therapist check to make sure she is moving enough. I feel like they are taking better card of her than I could if she were able to be at the house.I would and do recommend Mesa to my friends and family.

Review №4


My parents have been at Mesa Springs for 4 years. The transition of moving your parents to a care facility is not easy no matter where the location. Through the ups and downs, the staff at Mesa Springs have been there to do what I am unable to do on a consistent basis. The staff help me feel comfortable leaving my parents by providing loving care at this most difficult stage of life. I will forever grateful to them.

Review №5


Mesa Springs is absolutely the best Long Term Care facility. My brother has been in Mesa Springs for nine months. We have had excellent care . The staff are so very kind and truly love and care about my brother.Alex, Jamie, Jennifer, Karlina, Kaylee, and Stephanie have always been so helpful and loving. The nurses, therapist, cook staff and many more I do not have names for all actually care. If you are in search of LTC or just a short stay for therapy I highly recommend Mesa Springs. My brother and family are so blessed to have chose them for care. I just felt in my heart to write this review today! Hopefully this will help others in search of a home for a loved one, It’s a hard decision to make but you can not go wrong choosing Mesa Springs. God Bless 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Review №6


Our MOM had broken her right femur She had surgery and then went to Mesa Spring afterwards. These are her words. When going I was scared, haven’t ever done this before. My kids left. The nurses and aides made me feel comfortable. Then COVID got me and I was quarantined.They really took good care of me. I still did some walking in my room. I was picky with what food I would eat, so they asked me what I would like. I told them and they would bring it to me. They was always there when I needed them. They are going through renovations right now. Mesa Spring is a nice place to be when needed. Thank you for all you did for me😘

Review №7


Recently toured, beautiful facility with recent updates and caring staff. After Talking with staff members and care givers, I was blown away at how truly caring and big hearted the staff at mesa springs is, everybody was so helpful and urgent to help with the needs of myself, other patients and their families. The admissions team is quick to help with anything and answered all my questions with clarity and an open heart.

Review №8


The patients were so sweet and amazing. I did not enjoy working here at all. I had to try and help 33 patients a few times alone it was so hard and I felt terrible because they had to wait. My partner also did the same thing for a few weeks until I was hired to help her and I knew it would happen to me soon. The building is disgusting and I tried to clean but hardly had time because of the amount of patients I had to care for alone. This place needs some major help. I pray it gets better for the patients.

Review №9


Great facility & staff. Deff recommended anyone looking for a place for there loved one. 😊Workplace feels like home. They go above and beyond for their patients. The workers come together as a Team & make things happen. Staff is great here.

Review №10


I have received really good care here. The best therapy, from physical to speech they have done so much for me. I’ve come a long way since being here. The people all around are good people, especially the staff.

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