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Phone: +1 915-584-0868
Opening hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6PM
  • Sunday:12–5PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

30 Reviews for Mesa Street Antique Mall 2023:

Review №1


This was my first time coming in here to look around. I bought I believe to be a 1950s pink jewelry box that I fell in love with. I was helped by an older gentlemen and he was very nice. They had a lot of furniture and other things I wouldve bought if I had the money! Very clean and organizes store compared to other places Ive been.

Review №2


Mesa Street Antique Mall offers an array of antiques at affordable prices. More importantly - the quality is far superior and in most cases was not made locally. They also offer precious jewelry. The staff is friendly and courteous.

Review №3


Mesa Street Antique Mall is a true gem. This is truly the best antique store in El Paso and surrounding areas. The owners are amazing, hard-working and always willing to help their customers. Their estate sales are PHENOMENAL and the prices are always such great bargains. Truly thankful for them!

Review №4


This place is beautiful! The front desk guy is very accommodating. The antiques are on the higher end, but absolutely breath taking. There is an abundance of jewelry I didnt get to look much at because my child was being awful, but I definitely want to go back!

Review №5


The gentlemen was welcoming and have a lot of rare finds. Only downside is pricing but you are definitely getting qualify vintage goods. yes its true about the news channel i couldnt tell if it was fox or local channel. It didnt bother me at all but to each their own.

Review №6


The owners seem determined to make the shopping experience as uncomfortable as humanly possible. They have Fox News blaring from a tv at the front of the store, so loud you can hear it throughout the whole place. The gentleman owner suggested I should take my mask off and when I declined, he proceeded to follow me around the whole store. When they started loudly making anti trans comments to each other, I decided to leave. I probably would’ve spent money there, but I don’t support bigotry.

Review №7


Best antique store in El Paso, with amazing people working here to help you find something special, whether its a vintage gift or timeless furniture. The staff here is always friendly and make me feel welcome/at home. The estate sales consist of quality items for the best price, and Nancy conducts the most organized and professional sales! Never disappoints, thank you.

Review №8


I have been a vendor at Mesa Street Antique Mall for a year now. I love coming to work every Tuesday. We have awesome customers! We welcome everyone to come in and take a look around. The store is made up of numerous, talented vendors who try their best to offer quality antiques and vintage items at a reasonable and honest price. We do not pressure you to buy. We want you to love each item you purchase because we love it too! That is why we are in this business.As far as buying items that people bring in...that is up to each vendors preference. The store itself does not buy...each vendor buys their own merchandise to sell in their booth. A lot of factors go in to whether I can buy your item. I have to consider how much inventory/storage space I currently have, whether the item will cohesively fit in my booth, the condition of the item, and of course the price. We cannot buy everything that is offered to us. I guarantee though that I will treat you and your item with respect and give you an honest answer.Please come in and decide for yourself. I think you will be pleased with what you see at our shop, how you are treated, and will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. We want you to come back!

Review №9


Wonderful place to shop. The pictures just barely touch on the Treasures I found in this shop. Hal is a really great guy to deal with and I found a wonderful pair of earrings my wife just went bonkers over. Made her Christmas very special. Thank you Hal. ILL DEFINITELY BE BACK!

Review №10


I came across these google reviews looking for the address to my parents store to send my dad a package. So when my mom says she is the owner then the guy you are talking about is my father. 1. My parents are not racist. 2. My father is a veteran who served his country for 30 years. 3. My father is a Vietnam Veteran who went to war so that you could have the freedom to write your review and not get persecuted or killed for your opinion. 4. My parents run a business so they dont just buy everything you want to sell because YOU need money. They buy things that they believe have then potential to sell to their customer base. 4. The antique store is not a multi-million dollar corporation that has given them the right to be snooty and they are not at all. The store provides a place where people who love antiques and are intrigued by the relics of long ago come to share their love and interests. 5. I was really heartbroken reading the perspective of google review writers. In my opinion Mesa Street Antique Mall is one of the finest antique stores in the Southwest and yes my parents have dragged me to many many shops throughout Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California and Nevada.