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Phone: +1 210-321-5200
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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Total reviews rating 4

48 Reviews for Mesa Vista Health Center 2023:

Review №1


Horrible. The little staff there works hard. Nursing staff is great. the administrator continues to bring in admissions daily at night with NO STAFF yet she is out of the building by 4 pm every day. She is quick to bark at staff but not as quick as she is to flirt with all the men.

Review №2


Horrible Management. Kristina and Lisa are incompetent and abuse their position. They know how to manipulate the rules to work in the nursing homes favor. The grounds are clean, the facility is clean on the surface, but this place is poorly run on the inside, and it is the patients who suffer. Patients falls, injuries, dehydration, are explained in a perfect way to cover up state investigations. Put a camera in your loved ones room to monitor the care your family member receives while staying here.

Review №3


One of my good friends is here; too young to be in a place such as this, but I felt comfortable knowing she is well taken care of. This is according to what one of her family members had told me.I gave 4 stars because my friend is not supposed to be laid flat without supervision and was once found that way. But she could have very well put herself in that position. Without knowing how she got that way, I cant really blame the center.Easy to find the building, nice staff and very clean.

Review №4


Worst experience ever. Management is the worst I think I have ever seen...communication is terrible and they do not know what they are doing when helping a family process a Medicaid application. More importantly, they have no care or compassion. I wouldn’t want them taking care of my dog. Short staffed and the facility is very dirty on the inside.EDIT: After Mesa Vista failed to provide the documentation we gave them during the Medicaid pending process to Medicaid, which ultimately led Mesa Vista to threaten to put my mother-in-law in a homeless shelter unless we paid them cash pay of over 7,000 a month for a total of three months, we filed an appeal with Medicaid and actually turned in the documentation Mesa Vista failed to turn in and my mother-in-law was approved for her Medicaid and will now get the services she needs. Do not rely on Mesa Vista to help get Medicaid approval as they are very unorganized and do not know what they are doing in order to get these services approved. Their current administration is keeping them from providing quality patient care, not to mention causing Mesa Vista to lose out on income due to their inability to process proper paperwork despite being given what was asked for. Thank you, Mesa Vista, for threatening to put my mother-in-law in a homeless shelter so we could get her out of there. It is very evident based on our experience the staff does not care about the well being of those with serious medical conditions that require 24 hour care and lacks the ability to follow through on a Medicaid application as advised they would on admission. All documentation had to be given for the Medicaid application before she was even admitted. Additional documentation was asked for after admission and provided. The same documentation that was provided during this process to the staff of Mesa Vista was not given to Medicaid. Once it was submitted during the appeal after we removed my mother-in-law from there, she was approved.

Review №5


I just recently left working there the residents and everything was wonderful the department heads do not help when we are short and always gives us some kind of excuse and then nurses disrespect you and get away with it because theyre nurses and all my years 25 years of this line of work I have never felt so this felt this way before

Review №6


Christina and her staff was there to make sure my mother who had dementia was given the best of care. She has now passed, but I would recommend any family member checking them out for their love ones.

Review №7


My Mom is an 80 y/o & is on hospice. I love Mesa Vista. They are so caring. The staff gives my mom a lot of affection. She is only there for 5 days every month. The activities director called me & we were on the phone for 30 minutes bc she wanted to get my mom involved in activities. Even though she’s not interested in doing activity’s, I like that don’t leave her in her room. I have placed my mom in several NH until I found Mesa VistaAnd Carol, the Admissions Coordinator she is so compassionate. Mesa Vista goes above and beyond for caring for our loved ones. I appreciate all the care my mother receives there. Thank you so much. And the staff at the beauty shop thank you for taking time to make our mother’s hair look beautiful.

Review №8


I would just like to thank Mesa Vista and their team of nurses. They took the best care of my mother suffering from dementia. I can not imagine how difficult of a job this is, but they cared for her when I couldn’t be there. COVID-19 put a damper on all families and the nursing staff understood how important it was to be informed and able to contact our loved one. I cannot thank them enough for all the love and support they have given to us. Although my mother has passed, this staff will forever be in my heart. ELVIE and SHAY❤️

Review №9


My grandmother was set to transfer to Powerback rehab upon discharge of the hospital but the case manager dropped the ball. A referral was sent in to Mesa Vista, and after seeing all the horrible reviews all over the Internet, I raised all the hell I could but no other facility had open beds. Our family couldnt have been more shocked at the outcome. The facility was very quiet, which worried us at first, but it turned out to be in the best interest of my grandma. The facility was beautiful. We were informed that the entire company was under new management which we took as a good sign. Her private room was already setup. Her nursing staff has been extremely attentive. (THANK YOU TINA!) Although, there was an incident with an evening male nurse who got a bit confrontational. My grandma has a soft food diet and when the facility didnt have strawberry Ensure stocked, they actually went out to purchase it and put it in the fridge in her room!!! By and large, God had a better plan for us and it worked out better than we could have ever hoped. Shes been very happy and comfortable there. THANK YOU MESA VISTA for taking such wonderful care of Ms. Bonnie!